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She Adores is a pop duo from London comprising of Singer/Songwriter Natz and multi-instrumentalist Toshi.

Natz has finally given in to her musical ambitions. Despite her first love being music, coming from an ordinary family in Tottenham, North London it was important for her to finish university as she was the first member of her family to do so.

Having grown up in the church, secular music was something new to Natz and to actually make the change from Gospel, where in church she lead the choir, to secular music was a big leap. A love of music runs in her family but it was her close relationship with her Dad that led her to play the drums and bass guitar. Natz has a natural ear for music and this has guided her as a self-taught musician.

Toshi hails 6,000 miles away from Natz. He was born in Japan and sent to London by his parents, who are local organic bakers, to be educated at Summerhill Democratic School. Feeling homesick for Japan, he came across the guitar and taught himself to play. Toshi then decided to get involved in the local Norwich music scene and has performed in an array of funk and hip-hop bands.
The two met by chance in a London rehearsal studio and formed a “strong working relationship with each other”. Despite being from opposite ends of the globe they manage to dovetail their individual styles into a captivating mix of uplifting anthems crafted to show off Toshi's lush guitar skills and Natz’s spectacular voice. The two cite musical influences ranging from Al Green, Bonnie Raitt, Talking Heads, Prince and Pearl Jam. 

Natz and Toshi are an untapped font of natural artistic talent, whose music is to be enjoyed by download but you cannot download the experience of their captivating, exciting live performances.

She Adores offers a real musical difference based not only on their musical style but also their approach to music. Natz is a prolific songwriter and believes that schooling and life in Tottenham has provided her with the necessary tools and life experiences. Natz writes a song with music that she thinks fits the lyrics irrespective of its genre. She says “sometimes I’m simply a renaissance girl”. She Adores feel they are not shutting themselves off from any musical influences and can explore not just the gambit of emotions but the plethora of music.

She Adores is looking forward to influencing others in a positive way. Toshi is quick to point out that She Adores is about the love of and for women. He says that as an artist it is important to raise questions in the minds of the audience. Love is a complex thing and women need the freedom to love. Examples of She Adores take on love can be found in Mad Love, How Is It and Got To Have Your love.

Together they have played many London shows and have shared their sound with crowds across Europe, Japan and the USA. The duo perform acoustic sets together and also perform with their band. She Adores are working on their debut album